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This has got to be the best site on the WWW.
Mike Browning

Finding your site has been a revelation.  It's so good to get quality info when I'm stuck in the office in London. Will be dropping in, in a couple of weeks!
Ed Freeman
London, UK

When looking to go surfing your website is the first we look at now.   Some sites are so 'ultra-cool' they suggest we should never come unless the waves are greater than 8 feet. For normal mortals we are glad to get some surfing in at the weekend even if it is in the 2 - 3 ft region. Keep up the good work. A really brilliant site in a field where many of the web sites are excellent.
Alan Morris

I visit this site everyday and i don't know what i would do without it. It is probably the best site on the internet. Anyway hope to be down there soon Alex
Alex Davy

This site is unreal - its the best I've seen yet - this is one mean cool site, good on yer
Craig 'carrot' Wesson
Ilkeston, Derbyshire

I would just like to say that it would be impossible to find a better shop with nicer staff anywhere in the world. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your excellent website, see you soon.........

Excellent site, I hope to visit Croyde and surrounding surf spots, The Web page with daily pics is awesome, keep the pics rolling.. Thanks
David Webb
capetown, south africa

Just bought the home PC and delighted to bring the pictures of Croyde into a small flat in London. Thanks for all your efforts.

Easily the best UK surf web site at the moment, the pics are great.
Mark Land
Tavistock, Devon

Just thought i'd send a note to say how much i've enjoyed your website over the last six months ( since discovering it)  There is a sense of belonging to the place that comes across when you know that one dedicated individual has bothered to haul themselves out of a warm bed to take a photograph of six inch slop and rain, seemingly just for my benefit. So I wanted to say ,thanks for the entertainment, dancing girls, photos and all power to you.
Graeme Saxby

This is truly one of the best dam websites I've ever seen.Keep up the good work.
Stuart Prior

Very impressed with your site! Keep up the good work.
Cape Town, South Africa

Just to say THANKS for providing this service. (i.e. the surf report on the net)I dont suppose many people bother to say thanks. Anyway I look at the picture most days -I love visiting Croyde to surf.

My brother Andy & Kayley England was most impressed with the store. Best of luck, Carolyn & Mike
Carolyn Beck
Solana Beach, CA USA

Great to have access to the scene from the yorkshire dales.
Matt & Robb
leeds, w.yorks uk

I would like to commend the Brook store bakery on their return to the thinner crust giant pasty- truly one of the best in the Westcountry.
Julian Soper
Bristol, U.K

A very good website with top music. I was very impressed with the friendly staff when I made a telephone order!
Beth Trustrum
Stoke On Trent, England

Thanks - you cheered up a blue Jan day with pictures of sea & surf - feel better now! Fantastic site!
Nick Gibbs
Winchester, Hampshire

Thankyou for the website which we visit daily. We appreciate the effort you put in every day and realise the qualities of the best break in the u.k.
james preselo
wimborne, dorset

I think your Dawn of the Century" picture was out of this world

Cool site, I really enjoy the surf at croyde and the people in the shop are rad!!!!
Adam Gough
Seavington, Somerset England

Thanks for an excellent page with loads of info. See you on the beach.
Jo Hreczuk-Hirst

Great site - I check the current waves virtually on a daily basis now. It's a brilliant service you are providing and I hope you know how well appreciated it is by folk like me. Great job!! Jon
Jon Finch

Just thought I'd pop in and have a look, and then it hit me!!!! What a great place and how much I miss it when we are not there.
Ian Edwards

Many thanks for your help and guidance this weekend. Our first attempt at surfing was a great success - we look forward to next time. Thanks again from all at Heatherdown!
Angela Williams

Glad we found you this week - we now know where to come for friendly and helpful advice on all matters surfing!!
Graham Ranshaw
Ewhurst, Surrey England

Great Website and a great shop.
Steve and Julie
Nuneaton, England!

Brilliant site- daily pic awesome! This site is true to the soul-surfer ethic...keep it up

This is where the quality is. Keep up the dam fine work. Cheers Ocean
Ocean ( had hippy parents )
Chester, Cheshire GB

Cool web site, a bit pink.
Long Eaton Nottm., England

You have got one damn funky website.  I visit your site every time I get the chance. keep up the good work!!!!
sam surf

Great site guys/gals, keep up the good work - lightens ones life while sitting in an air-conditioned office for much of the week. BIG Cheers from me HURRAH!
Bristol, Autumnal UK

Great site - lots of interesting features!

We love your site, we browse it when we are pining for another holiday.
The Robinsons

We've been using the site for the last couple of months and you really came up trumps last weekend with the predicted UNBELIEVABLY GOOD day at Saunton for down the line waveriding and big air on my 5.0m then capped it all by allowing the sun to come out and an awesome days surfing at Puts on Sunday. Thanks for the info, stay in tune with the weather gods ...
graeme saxby
poole, dorset

The lil' pink shop is sweet as it gets!
Ewan Garratt
Bristol, England

I was in Croyde last week, surfed Putts a bit and I think that you have the most awesome little town and beaches in the world. The Thatched Barn rocked totally. The web site is good, too and I loved your shop. I'll definetily be back next year and then for more than just two days
Hamburg, Germany

Had another great weekend in Croyde.

Best surf we have had for the last two years (which includes two weeks at Hossegor this summer!!) Back soon.
Alex and Karen
Beckenham, Kent England

Been to croyde twice this year and i had sun & surf, excellent atomosphere and friendly. will be down in november 'see ya there'!

I thought i'd check out the website and see what the deal was...and it ROCKS.  Take it easy and see you when we come down next.
Mark Evans

Getting a little carried away with the surf cam aren'y we !! Tee Hee only joking !! Excellent Pictures

Summer'99 I came in and bought a wetsuit and surfboard they were brill.The lamp and van I bought look cool in my room.I visit your website as often as possible,it is as cool as ever!
Lydia Gregory

Just got back from a 2 week holiday in Newquay then Croyde. It was fantastic thanks to the wetsuit I brought form your shop. Keep up the good work.

A place we visit every year,cool and dedicated to a place we love. thanks
charles and natalie fisher

Just got back from a week in North Devon - a week is never long enough ! The surf report makes me want to be back there right now.

I love how small our planet has become.

Henk Hendriks
Veghel, Noord-Brabant Netherlands

Great site !

Nancy Booth

Maryville, TN USA -

Nice site,can't wait to get there