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Seamwelding the front end.


WDGWELD.jpg (49311 bytes) SEAMFLT.jpg (39904 bytes)
Overview of the proceedings Flitch, turret and chassis leg


Well there's no going back now, the front end of the car is now seamwelded. This is to strengthen the bodyshell and reduce flexing. Eventually the whole car will be done.


SEAMCHS.jpg (16973 bytes) SEAMTRT.jpg (34913 bytes)
Front chassis leg joint Turret and wing joints


SEAMLGT.jpg (27537 bytes) LHDPATCH.jpg (7947 bytes)
Chassis rail to ??? Lhd orifices

The holes in the bulkhead left by the RHD conversion have just been tacked over. This is partially in case a return to LHD might be desired in the future, partially insurance in case the RHD bits don't all fit together!


RARCH.jpg (10890 bytes) LIP.jpg (21207 bytes)

The front offside wheelarch is crumbling but hey, the first Speke built car I owned in 1980 was like this before it was 3 years old! The windscreen scuttle lip is amazingly intact however it was a bit "lace-like" over one side, here it is repaired.

The roll cage from Safety Devices has arrived exactly the date they quoted me before Christmas. It's not been unwrapped yet. I have also found a man on the net who seems to be able to supply most of the original 70's sponsorship stickers that I will need, unfortunately I seem to have lost him again.

Latest update.... 22nd Jan 2004

WACTILT1.jpg (70370 bytes) WACTILT2.jpg (75478 bytes)

Plan B.... Having been outbid on E-Bay for a TR7/8 Spit the car has now been transferred to a tilting jiggy thing to allow better access to the underside.

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