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Engine Bay and Bodywork


WAC812D.jpg (29699 bytes) WAC812F.jpg (28005 bytes)

The paint is now stripped off of the Right Hand side of the car, revealing very sound bodywork beneath.

WAC1103D.jpg (60442 bytes) WAC1103E.jpg (17013 bytes)
Amazing condition for a 26 year old British Leyland product!

WAC812F.jpg (28005 bytes)


17th Dec 2003

WA171203.jpg (60335 bytes)

The drivers door (well it is now!) appears sound. There are going to be issues with the rear of the car though.as it was hit on the right rear whilst standing outside the garage I bought it from. The damage was repaired using the last (at the time) right hand rear coupe wing available but this has not been fitted very well and stands proud where it joins the sill. Some attempt has been made to disguise this with the filler you can see in the picture... you could be forgiven for thinking that it was covering up something more sinister!

I'd always assumed that the bootlid was second-hand as it had a lot of flaky surface rust inside the double skinned section. Looking at the position and extent of the filler on it I would think that it is the original that lost a lot of it's internal painted surfaces which then became a mess of flaking paint and surface rust. No matter as a new bootlid will be fitted. I loathe the nasty metal struts fitted to early cars however so might see about a gas strut instead to hold the new lid up.

Unfortunately the right rear chassis leg is suspected of being 3/4 inch shorter than the left and the rear panel alignment might be slightly off although this could be due to it being a Speke built car!

Thats about it at the moment... I already have a "rally" style front spoiler and "fibreglass flared arches" and a roll cage in on order from Safety Devices however they apparently no longer make one that fits into the front pillars like the genuine rally cars had.

Thats all for now.

17th Dec 2003

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