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RHD Conversion and Turret repairs


After 10 years in a lock-up garage WAC275S is exhumed and work begins on stripping the car down to a shell. The speedo reading was 56,000 miles and the condition of the car would suggest this to be correct.

wac-col.jpg (96883 bytes)

The car is U.S.A. LHD spec. so conversion to RHD is planned... so meet the donor car...

tr-donor.jpg (18937 bytes) DONOR2.jpg (23914 bytes) DONOR1.jpg (25826 bytes)

TKW444S is (was) an early Speke built TR7 (ACG2445). Beyond economical repair due to age and frontal damage TKW is going to donate it's RHD bulkhead and dashboard. Quite possibly other parts will also come in handy... I've got my eye on the UK spec rear bumpers too...

WAC1103A.jpg (49775 bytes) WAC1103C.jpg (49530 bytes)
The doner bulkhead welded into place.


WAC1103F.jpg (11223 bytes)

The battery tray had to come out and of course this being a genuine TR8 it has never been used as the battery is already in the boot. As it's quite heavy anyway it seems pointless putting it back under the bonnet. Oops, there goes originality again!


WAC1103B.jpg (32308 bytes) WAC812A.jpg (28687 bytes)
Right Hand Side
WAC812C.jpg (22046 bytes) WAC812B.jpg (22913 bytes)
Left Hand Side

Turret repair panels were obtained but we decided not to use them. Apart from the areas shown the turrets and flitches were very sound. The repair panels would have been a pig to fit and taken a lot of originality away. Given how sound everything is, letting in patches seemed a better way to go...







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