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TR Register International Weekend, Malvern 2005



Since the car is "fresh out of the box" we decided to enter it in the concours "Non-Standard TR7-8" class. (Well it is a competition car)

concours-hall-1.jpg (100132 bytes) concours-hall-2.jpg (155617 bytes) concours-hall-3.jpg (154716 bytes) concours-hall-4.jpg (132469 bytes) concours-hall-7.jpg (163380 bytes)


Here we all are, lined up in the concours hall, there were all the other TR's too... you know, the ones that aren't wedge shaped, the camera avoided them though.


concours-hall-6.jpg (113199 bytes) concours-hall-8.jpg (162452 bytes) concours-hall-9.jpg (152785 bytes) concours-hall-10.jpg (114439 bytes) concours-hall-11.jpg (111146 bytes)


We were well and truly thrashed by Phil Bywater's car. (2nd pic on the left) who quite deservedly took first place... We breathed a sigh of relief as half way through the day I read the rules which state that concours entrants cars may not be trailered to the event.... oops!


mal-1.jpg (128087 bytes) mal-2.jpg (112288 bytes) mal-3.jpg (138172 bytes) mal-4.jpg (159934 bytes) mal-5.jpg (169817 bytes)


Best/Rare/Most interesting cars assembled in the ring for some spiel from compare Steve Redway and a brief interview with the owners.


pringle-1.jpg (128644 bytes) stevehall-13.jpg (155998 bytes) stevehall-8.jpg (132565 bytes) stevehall-1.jpg (152342 bytes) stevehall-3.jpg (162460 bytes)


Yellow car is Alex Pringles 5 litre V8 Drag car... The green/white Rally car is the Stephen Hall/TR Enterprises competition car.


e6_12_sb.jpg (46562 bytes) 04_12_sb.jpg (33626 bytes) IR0E5537.jpg (101561 bytes) Charles_grinall_large.png (531659 bytes) folder252.jpg (35250 bytes)


The Grinnall belongs to Charles Aulde.


stevehall-22.jpg (144762 bytes) stevehall-21.jpg (149522 bytes) stevehall-12.jpg (106403 bytes) harris-mann.jpg (101461 bytes) Mvc-338x.jpg (101119 bytes)


Trophies were presented by Harris Mann, designer of the TR7 no less....


Meanwhile, the same weekend at Silverstone saw a special one-off event celebrating 50 years of British Motorsport.

IMG_3675.jpg (94257 bytes)

Several TR7/TR7V8 Works Rally cars were there apparently.

What else...?

Hidden amongst the period British Leyland advertising below is a picture of my trailer... can you guess which one it is?

Shapeof-TR7.jpg (27068 bytes)      75l.jpg (65631 bytes)      banner_01.jpg (30806 bytes)      


tr-trailer-tsottc-1.jpg (68953 bytes)


 tr2.jpg (105765 bytes)tr3.jpg (93393 bytes)         tr4.jpg (127182 bytes)tr5.jpg (108531 bytes)


modtr7.jpg (32301 bytes)


TR7V8 Tarmac Racer....Esko Ukura of Finland


PICT0098.JPG (128061 bytes) PICT0099.JPG (129994 bytes) PICT0102.JPG (128927 bytes) PICT0110.JPG (125516 bytes) PICT0112.JPG (128900 bytes)


PICT0113.JPG (124386 bytes) PICT0118.JPG (127828 bytes) PICT00051.JPG (130279 bytes) PICT0033.JPG (47800 bytes)

Quite a few cars in works colours are being built, this one is a Tarmac Racer from Finland.

jerrom-tr8-sig.jpg (13411 bytes)

Andy Jerrom's TR8

Finally, a TR7 for 40 (60 Euros, $80US). Thats what this fetched on e-bay...

72_3.jpg (113348 bytes)

Latest update on WAC275S

Been working 24/7 (or so it seems) as I run my own business and the summer is our busy time. The target was to get the TR to the main two shows, TRDC Int. at Billing and TR Register Int. at Malvern and that was achieved...just!

The car wasn't finished then and still isn't now... this kind of car is probably never finished! Some small jobs such as the mudflaps were not on the car for Billing but were on for Malvern and the car was barely road legal and as yet largely untried at that time. I have been using it since though as often as I can (which isn't very often) due to having to work virtually every waking hour!

Things left to do...There is currently no servo on the brakes and no temperature gauge. There is no rustproofing either. The ride height is adequate but not generous and I am trying to find longer and uprated springs. Currently I have no air filters on the carbs either, not sure what route to take on that one. Also I am not happy about the position of the roll cage... lots of work to change that, inc. dashboard out again! I was told (by someone who knows) that the rear hoop backstays will also have to be changed or at least modified to get thru scrutineering for Historic Rallying.  I am wondering about actually removing the Safety Devices cage all together and starting again with a company who I can actually communicate with.

I have the original TR8 Rally FIA Homologation papers now from 1978 so I will be looking at getting the spec correct and applying for Homologation papers for the car.

After that little lot is sorted out I'd like more power and better brakes... one thing at a time!

If you are able to help with any of the above... my e-mail is

I have now uploaded some video's of the car in (mild) action... click here.