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TR Drivers Club International Weekend 2005... Billing Aquadrome


tr-first-trip-1.jpg (62553 bytes) tr-van-trailer-wac-03.jpg (149713 bytes) tr-van-trailer-wac-02.jpg (95121 bytes) tr-van-trailer-wac-01.jpg (107147 bytes)

    We have owned this particular motorhome for 5 years now and it has up until now been used in connection with my business. We have now wound that side of the business down now and I didn't want to sell the 'van so I have to find some other use for it. To this end I have had a scratch built towbar fitted to tow the TR. I bought the trailer off of e-bay back around Christmas, a bit of modification was required to adapt it for the TR. The overall length is about 46ft and with the camper being LHD we have lots of fun on the Devon lanes around here...

This then was the first outing for the car, the trailer and the camper in it's new role. This was the first time the TR has been seen in public too..


trdc-wac-display-sign.jpg (145912 bytes) trdc-wac-display-view.jpg (105434 bytes) trdc-wac-display-rh-rearqtr.jpg (130577 bytes) trdc-wac-display-rhfntqutr.jpg (139237 bytes) trdc-wac-display-lh-rearqtr.jpg (119571 bytes)


   We were totally exhausted from work and the sheer effort of getting it all together and getting it all to Billing. Due to lack of space outside my house and the narrowness of the aforementioned Devon lanes where we live we had to load the car into the trailer the night before. The trailer lives in field, the car about a mile away in a garage. Using a smaller vehicle, the trailer was brought to the garage, then the car was loaded. It was then brought a couple of miles through the lanes and hitched up to the camper. This was still too big to get outside my house so we had to do it down the road where there was more space. Once at Billing, Saturday was spent recuperating and just enjoying the satisfaction of what was I suppose, 2 years (some would say 15 years!) of waiting for that very moment.


trdc-wac-display-lhfntqutr.jpg (144093 bytes) trdc-wac-display-front.jpg (173062 bytes) trdc-wac-display-eng.jpg (176035 bytes) trdc-wac-display-boot.jpg (136070 bytes) trdc-wac-dispay-interior-nav.jpg (180401 bytes)


Saturday evening we drove slowly around the Aquadrome, the furthest the car had travelled in years. It was pretty funny driving through the Smart Car meeting... people were rubbernecking from there B-B-Q's, kids were running from all directions to see the car and dogs were just barking at us.


trdc-wac-dispay-interior.jpg (199481 bytes) trdc-wac-dispay-interior-1.jpg (173349 bytes) trdc-05-field.jpg (95562 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-vwk171s-1.jpg (136751 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-vwk171s-2.jpg (122304 bytes)


I'm not going to be able to remember all the cars or their owners so I'll keep it brief...


trdc-05-tr8-vwk171s-3.jpg (147998 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-vwk171s-4.jpg (125423 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-acn01103uca-1.jpg (137067 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-acn01103uca-2.jpg (84131 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-acn01103uca.jpg (32080 bytes)


White restoration project is a recently discovered development (efi) TR8 Coupe previously unknown to even exist! The restored white coupe is a "methods build" development TR8 owned by Ian Tinsley.


trdc-05-tr8-orw749w.jpg (95694 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-johnford-1.jpg (88730 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-johnford.jpg (177364 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-johnford-others.jpg (146148 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-pvc824v.jpg (120274 bytes)


The silver TR8 convertible with the one-off brown interior is (was) a BL development (trim). The white car JVC824V is a genuine UK TR8, can't remember more than that.


trdc-05-tr8-khp573v-1.jpg (122632 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-khp573v-2.jpg (142399 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-khp573v-3.jpg (150347 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-khpx2.jpg (64342 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-lbu344v.jpg (143310 bytes)


Red convertible TR8 was another development car... 2 in the picture (did not appear in the metal) were TR8 prototypes. Far right, one of the 18 UK RHD TR8's.


trdc-05-grinnal-red.jpg (71792 bytes) trdc-05-grinnal-navy.jpg (62453 bytes) trdc-05-grinnal-int.jpg (169406 bytes) trdc-05-grinnal-navy-eng.jpg (64664 bytes) trdc-05-grinnal-navy-eng2.jpg (71394 bytes)


Above, couple of Grinnall TR8's


trdc-05-grinnalwheel.jpg (46167 bytes) trdc-05-pink-tr7-1.jpg (74334 bytes) trdc-05-pink-tr7-2.jpg (97994 bytes) trdc-05-pink-tr7-3.jpg (96735 bytes) trdc-05-tr7-try8s-.jpg (74581 bytes)


Grinnall wheel, Pink standard TR7 and another Grinnall (silver)


trdc-05-tr8-d63ogj.jpg (108681 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-dwr568w.jpg (111001 bytes) trdc-05-tr8-2498tr.jpg (90997 bytes) trdc-05-redtr7int.jpg (64832 bytes) trdc-05-redwheel.jpg (47982 bytes)


Calvary blue "one of the 18" RHD TR8, beautiful car, won best TR8. Super low mileage USA TR8 converted to RHD in Metallic Bordeaux...identical in colour and trim to my own recently sold "one of the 18". Red car, another Grinnall I think.


trdc-05-tr7-red.jpg (165040 bytes) trdc-wac-display-1.jpg (143690 bytes) trdc-wac-display-2.jpg (164340 bytes) tr-sign-wac.jpg (187064 bytes)

Far left, immaculate "better than new" TR7 DHC... really was beautiful car and a credit to the couple who owned and restored it (from Cornwall I think). Then yet a couple more of my car WAC275S...ex-development TR8 to Rally Replica.


Things that were done after Billing (but before Malvern)......

jack-brace.jpg (30269 bytes)
Jack and Wheelbrace fixings Rear Window Securing Brackets


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