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tr-decals-6.jpg (129007 bytes) tr-airhorns.jpg (33788 bytes)
Decals at last! Air-horns instead of lift motors!

Back from the paintshop... and on with the decals. Waited a long time for this moment! I measured the exact size and position of the decals on SJW540S at Gaydon to ensure everything is as correct as it can be. (SJW540S is missing it's Lucas decals on the rear flanks by the way). Having got that bit accurate I then did something completely un-accurate... on went a set of TR8 decals!

The original works V8 rally cars were badged as TR7's and were referred to as TR7V8's. This was a marketing strategy to boost sales of TR7's. The car could not called a TR8 because such a model was not available in the showrooms. Since WAC275S is a genuine TR8 (One of the initial production run launched in USA in 1977) I just cannot bring myself to put TR7 on it!


tr-decals-1-sm.jpg (45650 bytes) tr-rear-spring-spacers.jpg (20710 bytes)
Canley on Speke. Ride height adjusters for rear springs.


At the front I have gone for the "Canley" Laurel Leaf. Early works cars (red livery V8's that is) used the Speke TR7 logo in black sometimes with a small Union Jack. Far more commonly though they used the Laurel Leaf, although technically this means the car was built at Canly. This was the case even if (like mine) they originated from Speke. The specially made spacers foe the rear suspension have arrived too.


tr-int-chqerplate-2.jpg (153583 bytes) tr-int-chqerplate-1.jpg (164847 bytes)
Cardboard patterns then checker-plate cut to size.. ...next step to put the angles and curves in.


Another departure from original is the addition of chequer-plate floor panels. Totally unnecessary and no-doubt adding to the overall weight of the car, they look totally gorgeous.


tr-pass-chq-floor.jpg (33494 bytes) tr-driver-floor.jpg (173974 bytes)
Passenger or should I say "Co-Driver" side. Driver's Side.


Here they are with the angles put in and fitted in position. The left-hand scuff-plate bends out at the end to form a foot-rest. This has been left on the generous side so it can be tweaked as necessary later on. The plan now is to paint the floor and transmission tunnel black which should add to the overall business-like look that the interior is developing. Currently I am waiting for the seats to arrive from Cobra.


tr-parcelshelf.jpg (113778 bytes) tr-parcel-shelf.jpg (63438 bytes)
Parcel shelf under construction... ...and finished.

The rear parcel shelf has received the same treatment and I think that the decision to use the checker-plate was a good one, it has improved the overall look of the car immeasurably.


tr-work-int-soft-focus.jpg (104118 bytes) tr-works-lamp-covers.jpg (131942 bytes)
Accidental "soft-focus" shot, looks great. Fitting up...again.


All finished and waiting for the seats to arrive. All the ancillaries removed for the paintwork rectification are now going back on the car. Couldn't resist trying out the genuine lamp covers for size. They fit no probs, the Triumph Laurel Leaf ones are pretty yellow with age and the elastic is pretty slack but they still look great.


tr-int-rally-car.jpg (168108 bytes) tr-rear-height-spacers-1.jpg (78324 bytes)
Interior coming together at last! Ride Height Spacers on the modified comp trailing arm.


Fitting out continues... Seats have arrived and are on their sidemounts but they are not yet bolted to the floor. I have gone for a pair of Cobra "Imola" GT's. They are going to be a tight fit. The Terratrip 2 Rally Tripmeter and the navigators footbrace are both going in too. The all-black Moto-lita steering wheel is in, just got to find the centre trim. (unobtainable, had to get one from the USA on e-bay).

Two (per side) of the three rear ride height spacers have been trial fitted. NB. These will work only with modified arms...


tr-sill-jack-1.jpg (117667 bytes) tr-sill-jack-2.jpg (89108 bytes)
Bilstein Jack, as used on the works cars. Sill Jacking Points in action!


The Bilstein Jack has been painted and fettled.


tr-right-wing-decals.jpg (128364 bytes) tr-left-wing-decals.jpg (90122 bytes)
Works sponsors decals right-hand wing. Works sponsors decals left-hand wing.


The fibreglass arches have been re-fitted with a small rubber trim strip to prevent them from chaffing the paint. The Castrol decals have just arrived and been stuck on. I was originally going to use Esso ones but I then realised that these would not be correct fitment until 1980. (Anorakish behavior!) The car as it stands at the moment is mechanically nearer to a 1978 spec. (give or take the small matter of a couple of weber carbs!) so I have put on the more correct "Castrol" decals.

The red side marker lights correct by the way. As mentioned previously, the TR8 decal should really be a TR7V8 on a rally car. Conspicous by their abscence I am still waiting for the mudflaps to arrive. I ordered plain black, the idea being to make a BL "Swirling Plughole of Doom" stencil and logo them up. The company I ordered them from sent "AUDI" ones!


That's all for now...