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tr-side1.jpg (63421 bytes)

Outside in the fresh air, the TR is finally drivable although the carbs are not properly set up yet.


tr-05-05-05-1.jpg (119461 bytes) tr-05-05-05-4.jpg (148487 bytes)
Lights are all finished You can see the top spotlights from the drivers seat


The spots and fogs are finished. The top "steadies" are Cibie ones. These are the only ones that seem to be long enough, in fact they were deemed to be pretty much the perfect length straight out of the packet, no cutting was done. I'll have to dig out the period lamp covers now but I've got a nagging suspicion that they are for smaller lamps!


tr-05-05-05.jpg (133444 bytes) tr-05-05-05-3.jpg (164002 bytes)
Works style roof ariel fitted There was already a hole in the right place.


I searched the internet for the right ariel and found this 24" CB Whip antenna which is very similar to what was on the majority of the works cars. They were using VHF radios and a 24" VHF antenna was going to be nearly 80. This CB one was 14.95 and may even be useful one day!

Whilst selecting the correct spot to drill from inside the car there appeared to be a 2"x 2" plate in the right spot already. It seemed to be part of the metalwork coming off of the rear window but as the drill went though a lump of filler came out the top of the roof... there was already a hole in the right place! The metal plate must have been welded in to block the hole and filler used to make good the exterior.

Now this is pretty exciting stuff (to us anoraks), as it looks as if the car may well have had a works style radio fitted whilst at BL. When I aquired the car it had a cheap and pathetic rear wing ariel. I had hoped that the complete rebuild of the car would reveal some clues to it's "ex-development" past but apart from some "interesting" wiring this is the only thing that has come to light. Someone, somewhere must know something about this car. It's history is fairly well known except for it's "works" period. If you have any info please e-mail me on croydebay@aol.com


tr-cockpit-2.jpg (171762 bytes) tr-rear-no-light.jpg (161518 bytes)
Dash and wiring finally finished. Works style rear number-plate light.

The wiring is finished and the inside is finally back together. The car is due to go back to the garage that originally painted it to rectify some problem areas in the paintwork.


tr-spare-bracket.jpg (78909 bytes) tr-spare-wheel.jpg (86784 bytes)
Custom made spare-wheel bracket. Wheel in situ.


The spare wheel is now located upright in it's well courtesy of a custom made bracket. I have now purchased (e-bay yet again) what I believe to be the correct jack. Just got to get a First Aid Kit, Warning Triangle and a Towrope, plus the rubber bootseal looks a bit knackered. I have also ordered a set of plain universal fit mudflaps. It was suprisingly difficult to resist the temptation to use the modern type. The TR7/8 shape has aged so well that at times it is hard to keep things period without them looking too old, if you see what I mean!


tr-catch-tank-box-sm.jpg (42309 bytes) tr-catch-tank.jpg (43293 bytes)
Another box, more new bits! Shiney!

Spotted this neat looking oil-catch tank in Retro Car Mag, being supplied by Quiller-Triumph at 49.95. The anodised filter and dedicated bracket pushed the price up a bit, stainless braided hose was another option but they were out of it so I will quite possibly replace the hose later. There are two inlets and in the case of the V8, a second breather hose has to come from the other side of the engine, this one is not supplied.



tr-catch-tk.jpg (64296 bytes) tr-airscoop.jpg (95661 bytes)
Catch Tank neatly installed Modified Fresh-Air Scoop


The fresh air scoop has been re-fitted following a fair bit of modification, it needed a piece cut out of it and a few "dents" made in it in order for it to clear the carbs etc. I was keen to re-fit this in order to get fresh air (instead of engine bay fumes) into the cockpit. A couple of other blanking plates also had to be made up for the same reason and also to restore the integrity of the bulkhead/firewall.

Time is marching on if the car is to be ready for The TR Drivers Club International and TR8 Day, 3rd July 2005. The outfit that painted to car has promised to make good the area's of paintwork that are defective. There are also a few chips and dings which happened over the months of the mechanical build-up. There are also a few screw holes to sort out following repositioning of the front spoiler.


tr-blind.jpg (72551 bytes) tr-trailer-1st-time.jpg (83809 bytes)
Blind... It fits...just!


Back in January I bought an enclosed trailer from good old e-bay yet again! It has been lying dormant, an unknown quantity really, waitng for it's turn to come... It was a relief then when the car did indeed fit inside...just. The trailer enclosure is basically a very good home-built roof on a Brian James base. The brakes were not working and needed freeing-off and fettling, at least all the tyres are all new. The winch has needed to be moved as far forward as it can go and it's all a pretty tight fit but it's all do-able. The winch only pulls inwards so getting the car out involves releasing the winch and kinda pulling the car out, ok as long as your on the flat or if gently sloping uphill.

Anyway, the car is now partially stripped again and back at the paintshop (it's first trip in it's "new" trailer). The decal man (well he's a real man actually, not a decal!) has been commissioned to reproduce the correct stickers so it will be all systems go as soon as the paintwork is rectified... as long as they don't cock-up the paint a second time!


All for now 11/05/05