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Archery and Painting the Engine Bay.

26/06/04 and 28/6/04 and 26/7/04

The fibreglass rear arches sent from Rimmers many months ago were rather big and these it turns out are tarmac arches which will cover wheels of up to 11". According to the man I spoke to at Rimmers these are the only fibreglass wheelarch extentions they are aware of...

These were then changed over to the smaller "forest" arches from S&S. which hopefully will be big enough to cover 9" wheels. As luck would have it Minilites are soon to be re-available in 9" x 13. Previously they stopped at 8". I have ordered 8's for the front, 9's for the rear plus an extra 8" for the spare. Even this simple task took some effort and despite several e-mails, several phone calls and a visit to their stand at the Historic Motorsports Show, I have only just managed to get them to take my order... Quoted 2-3 weeks for delivery.


r-arch.jpg (38842 bytes) arch-for1.jpg (39125 bytes) SJW-RARCH.jpg (34395 bytes)
Tarmac Arch from Rimmers Forest Arch from S & S Works Arch

Neither of the two arches appear to be the same as the works used although I have been able to find pictures of both the tarmac and forest arches currently available on the works cars.

tr-15jun04.jpg (113214 bytes) arch-for4.jpg (69990 bytes)
The Tarmac arches on the left, the forest arches on the right

The next suprise was the spoiler... This had come back from S&S on the transporter when my other TR8 was taken up to them  for restoration work on behalf of the new owner who lives overseas. I obviously didn't look at it very closely at the time as when it came out of the box it was different to what I was expecting. It was supplied in good faith as the "rally spoiler" by S&S though so once again it was time to do some detective work...


eng-bay.jpg (108820 bytes) Spoiler pic here sometime!
After 6 months of trying the original paint codes were obtained at last (Thanks to Bert in Belgium) and the correct shades of red and white were applied to the engine bay and under-bonnet area. Still trying to track down the correct shade for the blue though at the moment...

The next job is to fit the roll-cage, seats, seatbelt achorage points and jacking points. These 4 things are to some extent interconnected so complications are beginning to arise.

It would appear that on the works cars the jacking points are integral with the cage as are the two tubes that extend from the cage "A" pillars to the front suspension strut towers. The works cars used shells specially prepared by Safety Devices and the front bars of the roll cage were actually built into the "A" posts of the car. Safety Devices have supplied the cage but no longer make this version.

Under current rules (apparently) you cannot weld anything to the cage or weld the cage in situ to the body, the cage has to be capable of being unbolted from it's (welded in) mountings. If this is the case the cage-to-frontstrut tube will have to be bolted on or welded to the vehicle A post and the front jacking points will not be able to pick up the front of the cage. Rear jacking points are less of a problem as they can pick up the rear roll cage bracket. As all these area's are pretty much boxed in on SJW540S (the only works car I have had access to) it's virtually impossible to see how it's been done without cutting the car up!

jackfront.jpg (53983 bytes) jackboth.jpg (97450 bytes)
Front Jacking point Front and rear jacking points

The position of the jacking points was decided after studying many pictures of the works cars, If anybody has any pictures of works cars they would like to e-mail to me on croydebay@aol.com I would be very grateful, They are put to great use. Likewise I would like to obtain TR7V8 competition info and pictures as published in the books "The Competitions Dept" by Bill Price and "The Complete Guide to the TR7 and TR8" which I used to have but have now lost! Both books are out of print and very expensive...if you can find them at all...


jackrear.jpg (50938 bytes) jackbrace.jpg (117900 bytes)
Rear Jacking point Rear Jacking point inside the car... the tube is taken right across to the transmission tunnel.

The rear jacking point meets with the base of the rear hoop of the cage, then continues across and braces against the transmission tunnel. It appears that this area is boxed in on the works cars and then metal is cut away from the lower rear bulkhead in order to make extra space for the Salisbury rear axle. As we plan to used a modified version of the standard axle, (i.e. an earlier spec) then this is as far as we are going with this at the moment. Any info on this aspect of the car would be greatly appreciated.


And finally for this installment.... (FANFARE!)


.... The Bonnet is painted in the exact works colours, after much research on the correct colours and exact position of the "chevron"

bonpaint.jpg (62237 bytes)




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