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With most of the welding to the shell now complete it was time to get the underside sandblasted. The first picture shows the front footwell skid-plates and the recently completed rear swing-arm skid plates. I'm making up the terminology as we go along in case your wondering...

Middle pic gives a closer view and right-hand pic is well... the right-hand pic.

shellflip-f2.jpg (124826 bytes) rearskid2.jpg (87610 bytes) shellflip-r.jpg (136992 bytes)
From the front... Swing-arm Skid-plate/strengthener bit From the rear...


The sand-blasted shell...

Flipside.jpg (91588 bytes)


sandarch.jpg (135279 bytes) rearskid1.jpg (55228 bytes)
Sand in the arch... Swing-arm Skid-plate/strengthener bit.


Welding on the shell is nearly complete now but there is still some seam welding to the rear end yet to be done. The swing arm mounts themselves are also going to be "beefing up". The underside will then be "stonechipped" and painted white. Finally the bodywork will then be painted in the works colours of red, white and blue.

Work is moving on at a better pace now so look back soon for the next exciting installment!



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