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Most of the "action" at the moment is centering around the electrics and in particular the fuse box and ancillary controls. Since I am keeping a working heater and ventilation system, the plan is to mount the fuseboxes on the section of dashboard that slopes 45 degrees in front of the passenger/co-driver. The relays are going to be mounted in a specially made box at the back of the glove compartment.

tr-fuses.jpg (68748 bytes) tr-elec.jpg (172465 bytes)
WAC275S Fuse boxes under construction. Sorting out the wiring.


The centre console itself is coming on well, looking pretty much like the original.


sjw-dash.jpg (82201 bytes) horny.jpg (108420 bytes)
SJW540S Console WAC275S Console


The final parts needed to complete the centre console and switchgear have arrived. I did get most of the Lucas electrical parts on E-Bay but the last few bits and bobs I bought new in order to save time. I need to order a new steering wheel too. The original (TR8) one has been lost (spirited away) and has never turned up.


lucas1.jpg (24505 bytes) lucas2.jpg (23458 bytes)
Lucas warning lights, 3 position headlight switch, 12v aux input. Lucas pull-on switch and rear number plate light.

The rear number plate light that I bought on E-Bay turned out to be just the glass and chrome surround so I have now bought the complete unit new. Likewise I have obtained the last other few electrical bits needed as they are needed now.

cool-16.jpg (111745 bytes) cool-5.jpg (120803 bytes)
16 Row Oil Cooler finally arrives. Oil Cooler mounted behind air vents, note new grill..


Work on the oil cooler was halted before Christmas when it was discovered to be the wrong one. The correct one has now turned up. On fitting it was discovered that one of the pipes had gone AWOL. That has now turned up since the pictures were taken thankfully.


cool-6.jpg (102392 bytes) remote-of-2.jpg (119564 bytes)
Sexy new grill. Remote Oil Filter..

A sexy new grill   (well I think it's sexy!) has been glassfibred in from behind the bumper. It looked a bit too conspicuous in silver so it was painted black just after the pictures were taken. This came from Halfords of all places (17.95) and there should be just about enough left over to fill in the gap between the bumper and the spoiler. The remote oil filter sits next to the alternator on a specially made bracket. The pipe just clears the belt and is clipped in position as a precaution.


bootjan05.jpg (146729 bytes) mvc-881x.jpg (125608 bytes)
Fuel Pump, Fire Extinguisher, Original Battery Box. SJW540S

SJW540S picture shows Fire Extinguisher fitted  on the "shelf" under the back window but there is no way a 4 litre bottle will go up there. As you can see, the battery (in it's original early TR8 only) plastic box, just fitted in behind it. The works rally cars had the fuel tank fitted in this position with the battery being on the floor inside the car, under the co-drivers knee's! The current plan for the spare wheel is to mount it vertically in the spare wheel well up against the rear bulkhead and make a semi-circular "spares & tools box" to fit in flush with the boot floor. Also yet to be obtained and fitted, a First Aid Kit plus a Jack and wheelbrace.

The battery has been moved to left hand side to keep the right side clear for the dry sump oil tank which may be fitted at a later date. All the electrics run down the left hand side, inside the car, on the left hand sill. The fuel line and fire system pipes also run through the inside of the car but in this case along the transmission tunnel where they will be concealed by the armrest and trim.


npl-blank.jpg (105783 bytes) exh-ali.jpg (60855 bytes)
Number Plate Light Aluminium Blanking Plate Bumper/Exhaust Heat Shield

Completely non-original but who cares! Aluminium blanking plate covers up the unsightly holes left by deleting the stock rear number plate lights. The works cars had a single upward shining light under the number plate. This has just arrived (see above pix) and is not yet fitted. The heat shield for the rear bumper is also non-original. Such indulgences are possible as this is not a historical works rally car and originality is not an issue.


tr7v8-suppliers.jpg (153869 bytes) tr8tonypondwedding.jpg (195310 bytes)
Page from "Motor" Magazine. Tony Pond Rally car wedding Press Cutting.


Couple of period pages from Motor magazine that turned up during "research".


tr-18jan05.jpg (109260 bytes) coolramp.jpg (91736 bytes)
Work in progress, well tea break in progress actually!


Grill now painted black.


blk-grill.jpg (38515 bytes)


All for now....