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The rear axle has arrived back from S & S at last and after a bit of looking at it, it was bolted back onto the car. This disc conversion is available on an exchange basis I think, but this is the original TR8 axle with Quaife LSD that belongs to the car so exchange wasn't really an option with the 3.08:1 ratio and LSD already fitted.


the-axle-1.jpg (102495 bytes) axle-caliper.jpg (106693 bytes)
S & S rear disc conversion The caliper


Converting the axle to discs is not cheap with carriage charges and vat all adding to the final bill. On top of that there was substantial unplanned expense when it was discovered that rust had weakened the lower link mounts. These had to be cut out and replaced... a day's labour plus the repair plates plus vat. Ouch, these brakes had better be good.


axle-on.jpg (56857 bytes) rear-disc.jpg (50549 bytes)
Looking good... Trail fitting the "old" springs


The "old" springs were re-fitted and the car lowered to the ground to see how it would sit now that the trailing arms were of the lowered competition variety. About right for road use it would seem. I was concerned that the minilites might not fit over the new set up but I needn't have worried...they fit better than the front ones.


frt-caliper.jpg (140604 bytes) front-disc.jpg (65008 bytes)
Front calipers "shaved" Tight fit


The front calipers have already been "shaved down" to improve the clearance. Despite hardly having turned a wheel, a stone has already got dragged in and scoured the inside of the rim. A possible plan is to weld some little snow-plough stone-guard things in to stop this happening again. The front wheels already have 3mm spacers and this may well need to be increased yet..


back-on-4.jpg (72873 bytes) front-on-4.jpg (93278 bytes)

Back on "all-fours" at last.


The ride height at the front is adjustable but at the back it will depend on the length of the springs. It might be possible to make an adjustable coil-over type tube to control the distance of the spring mounting point to the lower trailing arm. Whether such a thing already exists I don't know...anybody help here?  croydebay@aol.com


rear-on-4.jpg (109343 bytes) spacers.jpg (40580 bytes)
Rear ride height Engine subframe spacers (original is black)


The new specially made subframe spacers arrived, these hopefully will allow the bonnet to fully close.


a-no-plate.jpg (136984 bytes) ex-pipe.jpg (111719 bytes)
I am not a number, I am a free man... (answers on a postcard)


Other work in progress...The fuel line is installed, passing through the front bulkhead, along the transmission tunnel, through the rear bulkhead and along the top of the rear chassis rail before enteringa the boot and connecting to the fuel pump. The exhaust is also being given more support and better location.


front-bottom.jpg (126380 bytes) rear-bottom.jpg (150801 bytes)


It's a shame that once the car is on the ground, you won't be able to see any of this!


frnt-qtr.jpg (112484 bytes) ext-brkt.jpg (16117 bytes) pumpcart.jpg (96768 bytes)
Front nearside Engine Extinguisher bracket Plumbed but not wired


All for now...

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