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First some pix of work that has previously been carried out.....


28-9-04frnt.jpg (130201 bytes) 28-9-04car.jpg (119724 bytes)
These pix show the removal of the original front crossmember.


Several people have e-mailed asking about "arrangements" at the front so this may clarify things a bit.


30-9-04-ns2.jpg (146136 bytes) 30-9-04-ns.jpg (104283 bytes)
And the re-positioned lighter replacement crossmember welded in.


Back to the present...


20novfront.jpg (112395 bytes) int-elec.jpg (131514 bytes)
Plenty of work still to do....


Research appears to reveal that the works cars with the quad-webber set-up had the carbs set a little further back. This was acheived by fabricating the special steel swanneck inlet manifolds with a slight backward angle. At around the same time the engine was moved 2" backwards in order to improve the handling. This also meant that they could close the bonnet!

Since I am using J.E. Engineering cast alloy manifolds. (The works steel ones were very prone to cracking) and not re-positioning the engine (rearwards) subframe spacers are being made instead to mount the engine slightluy lower down in the engine bay.

Meanwhile there is much else to do. As you can see, the front wheels are back on. The front of the car now has brakes, clutch and electrics all functioning. The brake bias valve is half in and the switch gear is coming together.


pas-pipe.jpg (82829 bytes) remote-o-f.jpg (41382 bytes)
New PAS pipe installed Remote Oil Filter


The PAS is now finished and should be functional. A oil-cooler kit with remote filter has arrived from Moss and is partially installed. Unfortunately they have sent the wrong oil-cooler so work on that has had to halt until the correct one turns up.


hoses.jpg (111881 bytes) tri-lamp-cvrs.jpg (32525 bytes)
Lots of expensive stainless-steel hoses. Genuine 25 yr old Lamp Covers


You may remember that genuine Triumph lamp covers were high on my wish list. I never though any would turn up so I was very pleased to get these. Thank-you Stuart for doing me a good deal on these.


subspacer.jpg (38969 bytes) bump-frnt.jpg (123634 bytes)
Trail fit of subframe spacers. The bonnet closes!


Trial and error lowering of the engine (and gearbox) mounts reveal the size of the spacers needed. These have now gone off to be drilled. The front bumper has now been fitted on properly using extra brackets for each corner. The front lights (second-hand) are now also finished. This whole front bumper assembly replaces the original deeper one piece USA rubber one, that was previously fitted (standard fitment on this USA version TR8). Unfortunately the UK offside front trim strip above the bumper is a bit warped so a different one will have to be sourced. This is easy enough but how to post it could be a bit of a challange! Note I said challange, not problem!


weberbridge.jpg (68680 bytes) fuelines.jpg (127122 bytes)
Quad Webber Linkage. Fuel-lines installed!


A "bridge" has now been constructed across the manifolds to support the turntable which then links both pairs of carbs together. The fuel-lines are all in and pass thru the car to the fuel pump mounted in the boot. After much research I decided to use a Carter fuel pump which does not use a regulator. It should deliver good volume as well as the right pressure if all the blurb is correct.


carterpump.jpg (36728 bytes) bump-rear.jpg (103953 bytes)
Carter Fuel Pump. Rear bumper in situ.


The rubber USA deep bumper with it's monsterous pair of over-riders has been junked. (No more knee-banging every time you walk around the back of the car!) The donor car donated it's UK spec ones and they have polished up a treat.


Well that's it for now... The rear axle is due back any day, as is the oil-cooler. As soon as the fuel-pump installation is finished the great "Firing-Up" ceremony can begin!


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