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Underneath the arches.... (front)


Still at the front of the car the next thing on the list is to strengthen the tops of the front suspension turrets. These repair panels purchased from Rimmers earlier were not in fact needed and were therefore surplus to requirements. I suspect that most people would take the easy route and re-inforce the turrets with a plate welded on top. Having preserved original panelwork on the turret tops once it seemed like a much neater idea to weld them in out of sight on the underside. This also avoids the "botched-up" turret-top look as found on many an old TR7.

TUR-NEW.jpg (7423 bytes)

The turret-tops are oversize repair panels and needed some reworking but voila!

TUR-TOP.jpg (41717 bytes) INR-WING.jpg (55671 bytes)

The wheelarch lip has also been removed and inner and outer wings will now be welded together. This is to prevent the wider wheels and tyres fouling the arch. This arch modification will be hidden under the fibreglass arch extensions. There are many stories regarding the lack of any rust protection on TR7/8's, in particular the early Speke built cars.

However, check out the factory applied thick black underseal that is now being scraped off. A rally car would normally not be undersealed like this due to the extra weight. In fact the works rally cars were painted white on the underside, including under the wheel arches. An exact decision as to what to do to the underside regarding rust proofing has yet to be taken but I feel that there must be some and it ideally will end up white.


FRWGINR1.jpg (39082 bytes) FRWGINR2.jpg (55627 bytes)
All underseal off, inner wing made good, strutty-fillety things copied from other side and welded into place, arch lip removed and inner and outer wings re-welded back together. Now more of the same for the other side.


FRWGINR.jpg (19119 bytes)


Other news... Went the TR Spares Show at Stoneleigh last week, picked up a NOS bootlid from Robsport and a few books and photo's but not a lot else. Did make a few useful contacts though. For the sake of originality I have decided not to use any fibreglass panels initially, but may retro-fit these later on.

  Have been trying to collect up all the 70's motorsport decals that I will need when (if) the car ever gets finished.

BLSTICKS.jpg (13030 bytes) STESDUN.jpg (18225 bytes)

This is what I have so far... The Leyland Motorsport "Helmet" ones I have are actually too small and both face the same way, the Champion ones are reproductions and also too small and the STP ones are not in fact correct at all. Couldn't resist them as they were cheap and from the correct era! The Esso and Dunlop ones are correct although different cars, different years and different events do have differing decals.

TILT.jpg (24698 bytes)


CASTROL.jpg (23784 bytes)

Still needed are the correct Bilstein, Lucas and Castrol stickers, as on the cars above. if you can help my e-mail address is croydebay@aol.com

Thats all for now



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