1976 UK Spec. Victory Edition


Latest project, finished and on show Feb 12th 2006 at the Triumph International Show and Spares Day, Stoneleigh.


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Finishing touches before the show.

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I am considering selling the car to make way for another project.

Car located in the UK.


These ads below came from magazines at the time.


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Also displayed with the car was the following text...


TR7 Victory Edition


Launched in July 1976, the "TR7 Victory Edition" was one of four special limited edition fixed-head models to go on sale in the USA. In this case the excuse was the string of victories achieved during the 1976 Sports Car Club of America National Championships.


The most distinctive feature was a set of white-painted steel six-spoke wheels. These were unique to the car, which was just as well, as before long a number developed cracks and even total spoke failure, with disastrous results. A recall was organised and alternative wheels fitted.... another "victory" for good old British Leyland!


A full leather-grained vinyl roof and bold black triple striping running over the bonnet and down the flanks completed the look. Inside, the cabin received a "Victory Edition" plaque on the glove compartment lid.


Several colours were offered including Yellow, Green and White. It is thought that as many as 3500 of these "special editions" were produced.


This particular car is a rare UK early-spec TR7 5-speed in Inca Yellow (Comm. No. ACG10346) manufactured in October 1976. It was first registered for the road on 8th January 1977. In addition to the full vinyl roof it also has a Weathershields Sunroof which was not officially an option until March 1977. The "Broadcord" interior is the (pre-tartan!) original.


The mileage is just 27,000 (with MOT's to prove) which equates to an average of less than 1000 miles per year over the last 29 years! In 2003 the wheel arches and sills were renewed and the car resprayed in the original Inca Yellow.

The Victory Edition TR7 only ever went on sale in the USA.... there was no UK Victory Ltd. Edition... or was there???


Pictures of "Victory Edition" TR7's in the USA....


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