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What started out as just a few pages of pix of my car has grown and taken on a life of it's own!


The Cast

WAC275S  A TR8 Coupe 1977 Ex-BL Development
MYE778P A TR7 Coupe Ex 1975 European Launch Brochure/Ex-works supported Endurance Racer
MEP370P A TR7 Coupe  Ex-USA 1976 Victory Ltd. Edition
XCK645R A TR7 Coupe  UK 1976  (UK Victory Ltd. Edition Styling Exercise by me!) SOLD


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Pix of WAC275S coming out of storage after 13 years. Dec 2002

History of WAC275S


Act One
Page 1 Brief history of the TR7/8's I've owned since 1980.
Page 2 General info on the ACN series of pilot production TR8's.
Page 3 Restoration begins... Turret repairs and bulkhead conversion to RHD  July 2003
Page 4

Engine Bay and Bodywork  December 2003

Page 5 Seamwelding the front end.   January 2004
Page 6 Undernearth the arches (front).   Febuary 2004

Page 7

The Spit... Shell preparation.   June 2004
Page 8 Fibreglass arches...bodywork...Engine bay/bonnet painted...Sill jacking points.  July 2004
Page 9 Footwell Skid plates, Lower trailing arms Skidplates, Sandblasting.   August 2004
Page 10 Painting the shell, Wheels/tyres, RHD PAS, donor car. engine/gearbox. September 2004
Page 11 Engine, back axle, Bumpers. Fire extinguisher. October 2004
Page 12 Front/rear suspension, fans, petrol tank, Instruments, weber carbs. November 2004
Page 13 Front crossmember mods, PAS, Oil cooler, Sub frame, weber linkage, Fuel pump. December 2004
Page 14 Disc-brake rear axle, Brakes, Exhaust, Fuel Pump.  December 2004
Page 15 Electrics, Centre Consule, Front Bumper, Oil Cooler, Remote Oil Filter. January 2005
Page 16 Spotlamps and brackets, Electrics, Filler Cap, Wipers, Screenwash, Battery, Boot.  March 2005
Page 17 Ariel, Interior, Spare Wheel, Paintwork (again) Oil breather catch tank, Air Scoop, Trailer. May 2005
Page 18 Decals, Airhorns, Rear Spring Spacers, Checkerplate flooring, Seats, Bilstein Jack. May 2005
Page 19 TR Drivers Club Annual Meeting and TR8 Day, Billing Aquadrome. July 2005
Page 20 TR Register International Weekend, Malvern, Trailer, Finland Tarmac Racer, July 2005
Videos Some Video's of the car.

New Video

SJW548S    BMC Show Silverstone 2005  ( I wasn't there, this was sent to me)
vic-stoneleigh-06d-a.jpg (12700 bytes)

Secret Project.... The UK's first and only "Victory Edition" ?


Secret Project Revealed... Ooops I did it again! Bought another TR7 & created a UK "Victory Edition".
Car dispayed on the TRDC Club stand at Stoneleigh "Triumph International Show and Spares Day" 16th Feb 2006.


Act 2
Page 21 Engine taken to J.E.Developments for rebuild. Front chassis legs gussetted to bulkhead.
Page 22 Castle Combe Rallyday 2006 JJO931W, JOB705V, WAC275S (Inc Video of JJO931W).
Page 23 TR Drivers Club International, Billing Aquadrome 2006.
Page 24 Re-united and it feels so good... WAC meets MYE  for the first time.
Page 25 Triumph Show and Spares Day 2007, KDU367N oldest TR7?
Page 26 MYE778P Italian Launch Brochure/Race History, Willhire 24 etc. WAC275S Roll Cage mods.
Page 27 Stoneleigh Triumph Show 10th Feb 2008
Page 28 TR Drivers Club International, Billing Aquadrome 2008.
Page 29 B2P Road Run, WAC 100db Exhaust, Other WAC registered cars
Page 30 New Car! MEP370P 1976 USA Victory Ltd. Edition
Page 31 More work on   WAC275S for MSA Log Booking
Page 32
Page 33
Page 34
Page 35
Page 36
Page 37
Page 38
Page 39
Page 40



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MYE778P Update...Page 26

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Rally your own TR7V8 with Rally Trophy.

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