1978 TR8 Coupe

These are the photo's of WAC275S coming out of "storage". The car has been in this lock-up for 9 years without turning a wheel...(plus another year before that in a hanger at a mushroom farm!)

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The full history of this car is here.

Photo's taken before it came out of the lock-up (taken May 2002) here.

E-mail me at croydebay@aol.com

Phone me on 07818/423498

LATEST NEWS 4/3/03....Car is now running and has just failed it's mot! No effort from rear brakes...they were stripped and checked but there seems to still be a problem...and a dodgy strut insert on the front suspension. Have ordered Spax adjustables all round from Rimmers but they are "out of stock" Been waiting 5 days to find that out and they don't expect to get any in for at least a week...why didn't thet mention any oif this when I ordered? Other stuff...have aquired tubular manifolds and straight thru "rally-type" exhaust but lets get it through the mot test first! Other aquisitions...fibreglass rally spoiler and forest arches...and a full early TR8 (strobe) decal set. The car will be needing a complete repaint first though...

STILL NEEDED...BL Rally decals...Works Rally paint codes...Spots and fitting info, Full roll cage...etc.etc.

e-mail Steve at croydebay@aol.com

LATEST NEWS...June 03 The car passed it's MOT but after 3 days back on the road the windscreen fell out! Went back to the workshop and the car has been gradually stripped down to a shell ready for the rebuild.



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