WAC275S / MYE778P / MEP370P

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 Introducing MEP370P

The result of a random bid on ebay.. probably the only "Victory Edition" this side of the Altantic. This pic at TR Drivers Club International, Billing Aquadrome, July 2009


As found and collected from Wales


Temporary Home


Victory Plaque Rodent Damage At Billing 2009 At Billing 2009

Supplying Dealers Stamp

Gordano's Services on the M5 on the way home


After 6 months of looking I managed to find a set of White Steel Spoked Wheels just 25. Added new Wheel Nuts and Tyres which bumped the price up a bit!
tr-stainless-luggage-rack.jpg (106803 bytes)
Christmas came early in the shape of the correct stainless steel boot rack. (The one on the car has the back piece missing). Quite a rare beast in the UK. Another Ebay purchase of course.