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Well it's been over a year since the website was last updated. Reason for this was moving house and expanding business interests which has left no time for hobbies... The good news is that I now have room for both cars and the trailer all at the same location. WAC275S is now back on the road and running well on the couple of occasions she's been out of the garage. It's mid winter as I write and the weather is disgusting... storm force winds, heavy rain and floods. I was lucky enough to find a 1975 Italian TR7 launch brochure on ebay, the car features exclusively throughout, MYE778P. 


I have not yet had time to scan all the images but here are a few...


It's been over a year since we actually moved we are still not fully organised. Pressure is off a little in the winter so a little time for TR's again at last. WAC275S is now finally booked (next week) into a "metalshop" for modifications required to the roll-cage to meet MSA regs. Since I have so much trouble getting to the TR shows held in the summer I invited myself (sort of) to Stoneleigh with MYE778P and was accepted. I have dug out the history file that came with the car and scanned some of the photo's etc. I hope in the fullness of time to add more.


MYE778P as delivered from Safety Devices



I won't go into too much detail at this point but here are pix taken in the Sponsor's livery (Bomacote). It was in this maroon colour that she competed 4 times in the Willhire 24hr Race.








WAC275S Roll Cage Modifications

As mentioned above, changes in the MSA rules mean that the bolt in roll cage supplied with the rounded rear stays is no longer acceptable. Safety Devices say that they have now altered the design and suggested swapping the rear hoop for the updated one. They don't have stock themselves and suggested I contact their Triumph agent, TR Enterprises. They told me that SD have moved their production to Poland, they did not hold stock and ideally would need to order at least 3 to be worth the importation. Back to plan "A" then, modify the existing cage.



New straight rear stay Lipped around rear hoop Foot on rear deck

The specifications and dimensions are to be found in the MSA's "Blue Book"


First one... The pair... Finished

If I've read the rule book correctly the feet may be welded or bolted to the rear deck. The previous "rounded" stays were bolted however there was no fuel tank in the way when the cage was first fitted. This time it's welded down, easier than dismantling the entire back end of the car. The "rounded" stays bolt to the hoop so could be left in situ if you don't mind the weight. In this case they fouled the new firewall so it was easier to go without them anyway.


Check out the new firewall, pretty much replicated from the one that Safety Devices fitted to MYE 31 years previously. In addition the open faces on the rear hoop plinth were plated over and the checkerplate footwell tread plates (a vanity!) had metal trimmed away from the footplates of the front hoop. Previously you could not see the "feet" where they were bolted through the floor, another scrutineering faux pas!


Next issue to tackle will probably be the exhaust, getting it down below 100db.


First though...

 Stoneleigh Triumph Show.

All pix taken Fri 8th Feb 2008...Spent best part of two days cleaning the trailer, the camper and the car...none are finished.


Tight fit but easier than WAC as MYE has no fibreglass arches to worry about.



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