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Triumph Show and Spares Day, Stoneleigh. Sun 11th Feb 2007

Loading up takes a while, it's a tight fit! It's about 170 miles to the show and it's been snowing...


TR Drivers Club Stand

Unfortunately a few "issues" with the camera meant that I did not take many pix at the show.

Chris Turner's Premium Jay Human's "Trickett" WAC275S

Also present tucked away in a corner... KDU367N. This car is a bit of a mystery but it is quite possibly the oldest TR7 in existance. KDU497N and KDU498N were the first two TR7 rally cars, sprint engined and in the early white livery. Apparantly there was also a third KDU registered development works rally car that never competed. This one was presumably registered even earlier than these three and looks like it might have been a privateer car.


It was "found" a couple of years ago when it was auctioned as part of the "Arthur Carter BMC Rally Car Collection". It had spent 10 years in dry storage as part of this collection. The 16 valve Sprint engine was built by a Chris Conoly. Since it's reappearance it has recently received new Corbeau seats, new FIA Belts and a new plumbed-in 4 litre Lifeline Extinquisher System. The roll-cage is not a Safety Devices one.

It would be interesting to know more but it's past does seem to be somewhat mysterious. I don't know it's original colour but it is not actually in the correct livery. The first TR7 Sprint rally cars were white body with red/blue flanks and bonnet (as MYE778P). The V8 cars from 1978 carried the red livery, red body with blue/white flanks and bonnet so this car is in the '78 onwards V8 colours. The car is for sale at 7,995. If I had the money and the space I'd be very tempted.

Bill Price, head of BL Competition Department during the TR7/8 years, poses with WAC275S on the TR Drivers Club stand at Stoneleigh. Picture courtesy John Clancy.


WAC275S Filming on location for "Code Name Bullet"

(The week before the Stoneleigh show)








Pristine cockpit of