This is the history of the car as I understand it at the moment....any further info would be appreciated.


MYE778P is a very early 1975 TR7. One of the first batch of 50 cars built, it is believed to be possibly the 2nd oldest TR7 still in roadworthy condition in the UK. It was first registered 23rd Feb 1976 to British Leyland International Ltd, Leyland House, 174 Marlybone Road, London NW1 5AA.

Vin No. ACG104L. Paint CAB (Pimento Red) Trim PAA (Black). Home Market, European Spec. (LHD).

It was used as a publicity vehicle and can be seen in both the pictures below. I am seeking any other pictures or brochures featuring the car. Email me at if you can help.


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The car then went to Safety Devices where there is evidence that it was being developed as a 8v Works Motorsport Car. Apparently it was being prepared for a Works TR7 Production Sports Race Programme, envisaged in 1978 but never to materialise. The car was subsequently sold on (in the earlier works colours) to Privateer circuit racer Dick Adams, the log book stating the colour as "multi-coloured". The car was also RHD by this time. Such a good job was done that 26 yrs and 3 rebuilds later, Dick was largely unaware that the car was originally red and had once had the steering wheel on the other side!

He also subsequently purchased the second engine, both engines featuring specially made camshafts (of which only 2 were made). The engines were then both blueprinted by Don Moore, who was also building the Works TR7V8's at the time.

The car was originally a 4 speed but after several axle failures was converted to 5 speed. The axle and gearbox were built by Graeme Boulton, who again also worked on the Works TR7V8's of the time.


mye-threequatersfront.jpg (162307 bytes) mye-threequatersfront-1.jpg (152829 bytes) mye-opened-up.jpg (224185 bytes)

These pix taken May 2006 just after I purchased the car.


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The car spent much of it's life in the maroon livery of sponsor "Bomacote". Cabin, boot and under the bonnet still retains this colour.


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Ignition "Kill" switch fitted by SD. Fuel Tank changeover taps Custom built race tank with dipstick.


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These pix taken May 2006 just after I purchased the car.


mye-int-15942-milage.jpg (215720 bytes) mye-int-rearcage.jpg (253510 bytes) mye-taxdisc-78.jpg (41783 bytes)
Mileage 15942 Safety Devices Cage Quite possibly the only tax disc it's ever had!


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Vin Plate Period sticker found in glovebox! Competing in "Bomacote" colours.



Latest News... Car gets's now called Layla!



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Rare Bandai TR7 Kit, 2 Built options, Rally OOM514R or Normal (European Launch Brochure MYE778P)


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This was spotted by on E-Bay by "Eagle-Eyed" "TR Tony". My wife says we are both anoraks!